President's Article - Why Choose CBC?


Message from the President, Terry Kimbrow

Why Choose CBC?

This is a first in a series of articles I will be sharing over the next few weeks about the value of a private, Christian higher education—in particular, Central Baptist College.

Why choose Central Baptist College when I can likely go somewhere else for less money?  I usually counter that question with the adage, “You get what you pay for.” In my heart, I know it’s much more than that.

Central Baptist College is a small, BMA Baptist affiliated college in the heart of Arkansas. What is it that draws students and parents to CBC as opposed to community colleges or large public institutions that offer lower initial tuition rate? What is it that makes the “CBC Experience” so appealing?

Central Baptist College is committed to the “integration of Christian faith and academic excellence.”  That is a sentence taken directly from our Mission Statement.  It’s the focus of our efforts, the driver behind all our decisions, and every employee’s preoccupation.

  • We have sought to build a team of administrators, faculty, staff, and coaches who have a passion for the ministry and work of CBC. 
  • We have a heart to see “life change” in every student.  That can mean leading a student to a genuine salvation experience; it’s often exhibited through Spiritual growth and direction; but it’s all accomplished in a “Christ-centered” environment.
  • We challenge students to think for themselves, while maintaining that there is absolute truth.
  • We hold the Bible as the verbal, plenary, inerrant, inspired Word of God. 
  • We create “an atmosphere of expectations” at CBC by expecting more of you than you may expect of yourself.

Central Baptist College seeks to provide a stimulating and safe place for you to discover what fulfills you, what you care about, and who you want to become. We are a family that cares about each other—we rejoice with each other; we grieve with each other.

CBC is informal; professors know you by name, and you forge a relationship with them that often carries over far past graduation.  But, yes, you are held to a high standard. You will work very hard, you will be stretched and challenged, but at the same time, you will be supported and cared for. You may be reminded in the dining hall, “We missed you in class.”  However, when in need, you will also be assured, “We prayed for you today.”  I’ve heard it said, “In a college the size of CBC, “You have nowhere to hide.”

Now, that’s not all there is to it.  These are just the thoughts on my heart and mind today.  There may have a few times in our history when the College was not as proud of our heritage as we should have been—a feeling that we needed to apologize for our small size, for who we were, and what we stood for. If so, those times are long gone. In a world gone bad, there has never been a greater need to stand for what we believe, to wave the banner high, and to “highlight” the fact that CBC is a Christian college.

Here are two excerpts from our 55-page Student Handbook that states very well exactly what we expect from students, and I think just one reason why parents and students choose CBC:

It’s a Student’s Choice

Each student who becomes a part of Central Baptist College does so voluntarily. By enrolling at CBC each student agrees to abide by the college’s policies and regulations.  This handbook serves as the notification to the student that he/she is subject to disciplinary action by the college upon violation of the policies or regulations. Such disciplinary action may include Suspension* or Expulsion**.

Student Responsibility

With greater freedom comes greater responsibility. It is the responsibility of each student to be knowledgeable of and to abide by the published policies and regulations of the College.  All such guidelines are effective at any time a student is enrolled in Central Baptist College including holidays, semester breaks, and summers.  When a student leaves campus, he or she is still associated with the institution. Students are expected to conduct themselves according to Christian principles and standards on and off campus. Additionally, students are responsible for their guests and must ensure all guests comply with the College standards while on campus.


Did You Know? Private college alumni surveyed are three times as likely as public university graduates to say that their college helped them integrate faith into other aspects of their lives (45 percent vs. 14 percent), and are more than twice as likely as public university graduates to say they learned about their faith during their college years.


Image Source: The Council of Independent Colleges website.

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