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Message from the President, Terry Kimbrow

Why Choose CBC?

Student Success

This is the third in a series of articles about how choosing Central Baptist College may benefit you far greater than any other college choice you make.  In the first two articles, I focused on the mission/vision of CBC and how your tuition dollars toward a private college education through Central Baptist College is a great return on investment.

This week, I want to talk about student success. I think a lot about the topic and what it takes to ensure CBC students achieve success. Graduating is certainly the ultimate goal, but there is much more to student success than getting that all-important piece of paper. When I talk to a prospective student, and his/her parents, I want the student to consider the following:

  • What is it that really inspires you and sets your mind on fire? If you don’t know what that is right now, it’s okay.  Let the Holy Spirit move in your heart as you work to get your basic classes under your belt.  Though I started college as a non-traditional student, with a declared major, I was well into my degree program before I understood what it was that filled me up.


  • It is generally considered that the number one predictor of student success, at least in academic performance, is class size. Professors at CBC know their students better than those who teach classes of hundreds of students.  There is no doubt that this kind of environment allows for more interaction, allowing the students to build better, more meaningful relationships with the professor.


  • Student success at CBC is much more than academic. I first heard Governor Mike Huckabee use the phrase, in reference to CBC, as a place “where a student’s faith is undergirded, rather thank undermined.” I’ve since made it my own, even though I try to remember to give him credit. The heart of our mission is the integration of Christian faith and academic excellence.


  • Since student success means not only graduation, but gainful employment and/or acceptance to graduate school, we are constantly working to improve career support services.  In just the past few months, a record number of students have been accepted to medical and pharmacy school.  Other academic disciplines are also enjoying high acceptance rates.


How do you measure college student success?  Make sure you consider the tremendous impact and influence professors have in the lives of students. Think about the ultimate goal each of us is called to fulfill during our time on this earth.   



Did You Know? Of the 44 regionally accredited institutions of higher learning in the state of Arkansas, CBC is tied with one other college as number one in low student to faculty ratio.


Image Source: The Council of Independent Colleges website.

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