Health & Physical Education Course Descriptions

PED 1115
Beginning Racquetball

An introduction to the basic skills, rules, and strategy of racquetball.
PED 1116
Beginning Badminton

Introduction to the basic skills, rules, and strategy of badminton.
PED 1117
Beginning Basketball

Introduction to the basic skills, rules, and strategy of basketball.
PED 1118

The fundamental martial arts techniques for dealing with assailants.
Fall, Spring
PED 1119
Beginning Tennis

Introduction to the basic skills, rules and techniques of tennis.
On Demand
PED 1120
Beginning Volleyball

Introduction to the basic skills, rules, and strategy of volleyball.
PED 1121
Beginning Bowling

Introduction to the basic skills, rules, and techniques of bowling. Bowling fee charged.
Fall, Spring
PED 1123
Beginning Golf

Introduction to the basic skills, rules, and techniques of golf. Fee is charged.
PED 1128
Advanced Self-Defense

A continuation of the study and practice of martial arts with an emphasis on advanced self-defense skills. Prerequisite: PED 1118 with a grade of C or higher.
Fall, Spring
PED 1131-3138
Varsity Athletics

Requires active participation in an intercollegiate varsity sport for the development of skills and talent.
Fall, Spring

PED 2117
Walking and Fitness for Life
An activity/fitness class that requires students to document improvements in personal fitness in the areas of cardiovascular endurance and body composition.
Fall, Spring

PED 2300
Personal and Community Health

Basic concepts and principles of healthy lifestyles are explored in order to provide a better understanding of the importance of personal health in enhancing the quality of life. Emphasis is placed on making responsible decisions regarding cardiovascular fitness, body composition, strength training, and proper diet. Students are required to complete an activity log for two months to demonstrate adherence to healthy lifestyle principles.
Fall, Spring
PED 3300
Outdoor and Camp Leadership

This course is a practical and theoretical study of leading groups in outdoor and camp settings. Topics covered include outdoor leadership skills, expedition planning, emergency procedures and risk management along with working with youth in a camp environment.
PED 4330

This is an unpaid, directed field experience requiring research and practical application of knowledge in the field(s) of sport management and recreational leadership. Each internship is unique and will be tailored to the needs and interests of both the student and the participating organization or agency. Students will be assigned to an approved organization or agency, and work hours will be determined by the student and his/her field supervisor(s).
Fall, Spring


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