Literature & Language Arts Department

The Literature and Language Arts Department seeks to help students develop an appreciation for literature and enhance their ability to speak and write effectively.

Course Descriptions

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Faculty Contact Information

Dr. Henry Smiley  -  Literature & Language Arts Department - Co-Chair/Associate Professor of English
Cooper Complex - KB104
  (501) 205-8863   Email 

Ann Gardner  - Assistant Professor of English - Co-Chair /Student Publications Advisor
Cooper Complex - KB103
  (501) 205-8802   Email 

Dr. Gary McAllister - Assosiate Professor of English

Watkins Academic Building - 126 (501) 205-8827 Email 

Michelle Sadlowski - Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages

Cooper Complex -LC101 (501) 205-8851 Email 

Chad Smith - Instructor of English and Oral Communications

Cooper Complex -JC108 (501) 205-8924 Email