Social Studies Course Descriptions

GEO 1301
Principles of Geography

A survey of the basic concepts of geography. An introduction to the study of geography as a whole, including physical, cultural, political, economic and regional geography. Emphasis on man's relationship to his environment.
HIS 1300
World History I

The achievements and contributions of humanities struggle, from pre-history to the early modern period, in the evolution of global civilizations.
Fall, Spring
HIS 1301
World History II

Development of modern societies, emphasizing the impact of industrialization and colonization, from the seventeenth century to the present.
Fall, Spring
HIS 2300
American Nation I

A survey of the interplay of social, economic, and political forces that have brought about the development of the American nation.
HIS 2301
American Nation II

A survey of the interplay of social, economic, and political forces from 1865 to the preĀ­sent.
HIS 2310
History of Christianity

A study of primitive Christianity and the early church, Medieval European Christianity, the Reformation, Eastern Orthodox movements, Modern European and American Christianity, and ecumenicalism.
Fall 2005, 2007
HIS 3100, 3101, 3102
Readings in World History

Independent reading designed to expose the student to historical literature on major world topics. Consent of Instructor.
HIS 3103, 3104, 3105
Readings in American History

Independent reading designed to expose the student to both the literature and interpretations of major issues in American history. Consent of Instructor.
HIS 3300
Contemporary America

Intensive study of the development of a modern, technological world power since 1920. Particular attention accorded the cultural and social development of the American people. Prerequisite: HIS 2301 or consent of the instructor.
Fall 2005, 2007
HIS 3302
Europe In the Twentieth Century

Political, economic, and social developments of Europe since World War I. Ideas and philosophies which have affected the course of modern history are studied.
Prerequisite: HIS 1301 or consent of instructor.
Spring 2006, 2008
HIS 3340
Childhood in America

A writing intensive course examining children and childhood in America since the 17th century. The changing social meaning and role of children in pre-industrial, industrial, urban, and social welfare societies will be explored.
Spring 2006, 2008
HIS 3350
The Roman World

A history of Rome from the early Republic to the collapse of the empire with specific emphasis devoted to the following topics: political institutions, social structure, economy, urbanism, warfare, paganism and Christianity, the crisis of the Republic, formation of the Principate, and the evolution of the Roman state.
Rotation - See Department Chair
HIS 3360
Ancient Greece

This course will study Greece from its beginnings among the Minoans and Mycenaeans through the Hellenistic Age.  Special emphases will be placed on political theory, the beginnings of serious inquiry, and the contributions of literature and the arts.  The religious traditions of Greece  - and Christianity's contact with Greece culture - will also be major focus of the course.  Pre-requisite HIS 1300 with a C or better.
HIS 3370
Modern Middle East

This course serves as an introduction to the history of the Middle East in the 19th and 20th centuries.  Discussion of political, diplomatic, economic, social, and cultural developments will be the focus of this course.  We will also view the Middle Eastern peoples' rediscovery of their own traditions as a means to grapple with western political and economics domination.  Special attention is devoted to the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Islamic Revolution in Iran, and the rise of politicized militant Islam.  Pre-requisite HIS 1301 with a C or better.
HIS 4302
History of the Baptists

Baptist history distinctives and principles from New Testament times to the present.
Spring 2006, 2008
HIS 4304
Arkansas History

Development of Arkansas as a state with attention given the development of Southern institutions and a treatment of Arkansas as a mirror of the greater happenings in the nation itself.
On Demand
HIS 4310
Senior Seminar

Research methods, professional writing styles, and oral communication skills will be developed.  Students will research a topic of relevance to their academic emphasis and present the findings in an engaging way to the class utilizing different forms of technology.  Additionally, in typical seminar fashion, students will refine assessment skills by critiquing both the written document and the oral presentation.
Rotation - See Department Chair
HIS 4320
The World Since 1945

A recent history of the world through lectures, discussion, and media presentations of such topics as the reconstruction of Europe following World War II, the Cold War, the end of colonial empires (decolonization), the creation of Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict, the United Nations and world peace, the European community, and global terrorism.
Rotation - See Department Chair
HIS 4330
Public Internship

Course involves work with a social sciences related business or public agency. The student will work under the direct supervision of an individual at the internship site and a member of the social studies faculty. Prerequisite: 9 credit hours earned in social science courses, cumulative grade point average of 3.00, and consent of the department and participating agency supervisor.
On Demand
POS 2300
American Government

A survey of national, state and local governments, with emphasis on constitutional principles and significant contemporary trends and problems.
Fall, Spring


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