Non-Traditional Programs

The Central Baptist College Division of Non-Traditional Programs provides leadership, oversight and support in three areas:  Professional Adult College Education (PACE), Online Studies and Student Orientation.

Professional Adult College Education
The Division recognizes differences in educating non-traditional students.  Adult learners require other support than traditional aged students.  The non-traditional student might face additional constraints due to work, family and other responsibilities.  Curriculum design must adapt to various schedules and modes of delivery while maintaining academic rigor.   Faculty and staff must be prepared accordingly.

The Division realizes the popularity and permanency of online education.  According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, more than 5 million college students took at least one course via online delivery in fall 2012  Online courses must be available to meet the needs of concurrent, traditional and non-traditional students.  Online curriculum design should be simple and relevant while maintaining academic rigor.  Faculty must be properly trained in organizing and delivering content and maintaining class in a full or partial online format.

The Division accepts that new student orientation is critical to student success.  The orientation process begins when a potential student is introduced to Central Baptist College, and it continues through registration, enrollment and into the classroom.  The student is continually developing an awareness of services, schedules, and an identity with staff, faculty and peers.  Orientation course content should be developed through ongoing input from many departments.  Faculty, staff and upperclassmen must maintain an attentive and welcoming posture.

Chad Linn, Division Chair



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