Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does an online class work?
Online classes at Central Baptist College are offered via the Internet through WebStudy, a course management system.  These courses can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Students in an online course generally learn material by viewing PowerPoint presentations, studying lecture notes, listening to audio or video recordings, and participating in asynchronous or synchronous discussions.
2. What equipment or software is needed to take an online course?
A computer and Internet access are basic requirements.  The ability to use an Internet browser, like Microsoft Internet Explorer is essential.  WebStudy, the course management system, can be accessed through the college portal.  Instructions and log in information will be given to the student upon registration.  A remote proctor and a webcam are required for students pursuing an online degree.  Other software such as PowerPoint and Word are recommended; however, students can download a free PowerPoint viewer and use a different word processor if files are saved in a rich text format.  Adobe Acrobat, free software that can be downloaded from the Internet, may also be required to open some PDF documents.  Windows Media Player or Realplayer may be needed for some audio and video files; these programs can be downloaded free on the Internet as well.
3. What technical skills are required to take an online course?
Students are expected to be proficient in using email, uploading & downloading files, as well as have basic word processing skills.  Step-by-step instructions are given which help students navigate through the course. Plus, the instructor and tech support are always available to help.
4. Do online students ever have to come to campus?
No.  Online students should be able to enroll, register and successfully complete a college degree from his or her computer.
5. Is an online course similar to a correspondence course?
Not really.  Online courses require the learner to be disciplined and organized, engaging in the content. More interaction is involved between the learner and the instructor as well as between the learner and other students. Online courses also follow a structured timeline, with weekly log in and assignment requirements, which provides more accountability for the learner.
6. What is the term length for an online class?
Online courses are offered in a variety of term lengths, depending on the degree program.  However, they are typically 5 week courses.
7. Will the credit for an online class transfer to another institution?

Central Baptist College is regionally accredited, and online classes are listed in the same manner on a transcript as courses which are taken on campus.  However, prospective students should always consult with the Registrar at the transfer institution to ensure that the course will be accepted before enrolling in an online class.
8. Who will be teaching my online class?
Qualified faculty members of Central Baptist College teach all online classes.  Although online students will probably not meet their instructor face-to-face, they will communicate with him or her almost daily through email, graded assignments, or Skype.
9. Are textbooks required for online courses?
Yes, one or more textbooks may be required for each online course.  However, the learner is free to choose the textbook’s format, whether it be a hard copy or e-book.  The information regarding required textbooks for each course is available through our online bookstore.


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