Traditional Student Registration

Spring 2018 Advanced Registration
November 6, Monday - December 1, Friday

Follow the steps below in order to enroll for the Spring 2018 semester. You will find process guides, checklists and contact information that will step you through the registration process as well as give you the registration deadlines. If you are currently registered you can pay or set up payment arrangements now on your online student portal, over the phone or on campus to avoid long lines. 

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  1. Course Registration
    • Schedule appointment with faculty advisor for degree plan advising & course scheduling
    • Clear holds on your student account that keep you from registering - Contact the Business Office 
    • See the 'Helpful Links' or 'Q&A' below for more information or contact the Registrar's Office  
  2. Verify Financial Aid
    • NEW - Renew your FAFSA before the end of the 2017 spring semester! Federal Processes have changed that will slow down the process.
    • Use this Financial Aid Checklist to guide you through the process
    • View these Helpful Financial Aid Videos for general FAFSA information
    • See the 'Helpful Links' or 'Q&A' below for more information or contact the Financial Aid Office 
  3. Housing Form
    • On and off campus housing forms must be completed every fall semester for new and returning students
    • Each spring semester you must confirm housing with your RA before you leave for the semester break
    • Both forms can be found on the Housing and Residence Life webpage
  4. Pay Semester Bill
  5. Purchase Textbooks
    • Order course textbooks at Textbook Brokers is the Official Bookstore of Central Baptist College
    • Use this Textbook Ordering Guide 
    • After registration completion send an e-copy of your schedule to Gwenda Williams, Textbook Liaison, to be entered into the $150 textbook gift card drawing!
Helpful Links:  Registration Q&A:
  • How do I log in to MyCBC Campus Anyware Student Portal?  Follow this Student Guide 
  • How do I find out who my faculty advisor is?  Log into your Campus Anyware Student Portal and click on 'Degree Audit' 
  • Do I have to apply for federal aid each year?  Yes, completing a new FAFSA is required before each new academic year. 
  • Do I have to renew my Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship each year?  No, as long as you meet continuing eligibility requirements it will automatically renew. 
  • The PDF Course Schedule does not match the Campus Anyware Course Offerings. Which one is accurate?  The Campus Anyware Course Offerings. Changes are updated daily as courses close, etc. 
  • When can I pay my semester bill?  Once your schedule and financial aid are confirmed. Avoid the lines, pay online!
  • Is there a payment plan for international students?  Yes, it's called Flywire. Please contact the Business Office for more details. 
  • How do I clear a hold on my account?  Please contact the Business Office for more details on how to clear your specific account hold.
  • When is the last E-Cashier Nel Net deadline?  Choose one of the deadlines before the Central Baptist College final payment deadline noted on the Academic Calendar.
  • When can I register for the Textbook Brokers gift card drawing? No later than April 28th, the end of the early registration period.
  • How do I know if I have the Mustang Advantage benefit?  You would have been contacted & sent the terms & conditions. Go to for qualifying details. Contact Financial Aid Office to find out if you have the benefit. 
  • Will adding or dropping classes affect my bill? Yes, a schedule change will cause your bill to change as well.  Consult your student account or Business Office to be sure your bill is paid in full.
  • Will adding or dropping classes affect my financial aid package? Yes, especially if you drop below 12 credit hours. Please consult the Financial Aid Office  


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