PEC New Student Registration Process

  1. Complete PEC New Student Application  (Application is below)
  2. Tuition Assistance requests must be made through your military education office before you contact the campus Business Office
  3. Official transcript(s) sent to: Central Baptist College c/o Admissions Office; 1501 College Ave 72034 
  4. Immunization records with 2 MMR shot dates: e-mail to:; or fax to Lisa Padgett: (501) 329-2941. 
*Please contact Robin Stephens, the Director of Military Relations at Camp Robinson for any application or program questions 

Disclaimer:  Documents received after posted deadlines will result in registration being pushed to the following Block. No exceptions.Failure to make payment or complete Financial Aid by posted deadlines may result in administrative withdrawal from that Block’s class(es).

(Information regarding the applicant's race or ethnicity is voluntary, and will be used in a nondiscriminatory manner, consistent with applicable civil rights laws.)

Please check which race you identify with:*

If accepted into Central Baptist College, I promise to act in accordance with the student handbook, refrain from the use of alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, the possession of obscene or pornographic material, and will abstain from immoral sexual behavior. I understand that agreeing with this statement is a condition of my acceptance to Central Baptist College.

Central’s Philosophy

Central Baptist College adheres to the philosophy that, in addition to recognizing the importance of academic excellence, we will emphasize spiritual development.  We believe in educating the whole person.  To accomplish this goal, we provide students with opportunities to mature physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually.  This emphasis upon the spiritual aspect makes Central unique among other institutions.

Central’s Positive Code of Conduct

Central Baptist College is for students who are sensitive to the principles of Christian living found in Scripture.  The college has therefore established specific guidelines for the conduct of faculty, staff, and students.  In describing the college’s standards of conduct, CBC recognizes that its students are becoming young adults and must have ample opportunity for growth. At the same time, CBC emphasizes the importance of being obedient to the commands and principles of the Bible. Almost all of our standards of conduct are based on scriptural commands or principles. The remaining standards are based upon generally accepted traditions for this area of the nation. To view the current Student Handbook go to 2011-2012 Handbook.pdf
By submitting this application I am verifying that none of the information on this form is false or intentionally misleading.  I understand that withholding information or giving false information may make me ineligible for admission or lead to my subsequent expulsion if I do enroll. I also understand that my application submission indicates my intention to abide by the college’s standards and expectations as outlined in the Student Handbook and that my application will not be considered complete until the additional documents as indicated at the top of this page are received by Central Baptist College.