The Office of Student Services is committed to healthy student development and success.  To achieve this, we believe a holistic orientation program is vital.  Upon completion of all required orientation programs, new students will understand how to navigate campus when needs arise, feel more connected with other students, staff, and faculty, and become more self-aware.  Below is a listing of all orientation programs offered at CBC.

Orientation & Priority Registration

Orientation & Priority Registration is a one-day program designed to introduce new students to campus and to college life. During Orientation & Priority Registration you will have the opportunity to attend sessions about student life and the registration process, register for your fall classes, visit with campus officials, and meet our Student Orientation Staff (SOS)! 
Only students who have been final accepted are eligible to attend this program. Once students have reached this point in the admissions process they will be mailed an application form for the Orientation & Priority Registration program. 
Parents, we haven't forgotten you! Priority Registration has also been specifically designed with you in mind. We look forward to seeing you with your new student.  

Mustangs Underdevelopment Week (M.U.D. Week)
M.U.D. Week...where to begin?  In a nutshell, M.U.D. Week is all about helping new students build friendships and discover ways to get involved on campus.  New students (aka "Ponies") are separated into four color groups: red, orange, yellow, and green.  Students are encouraged to wear their team color until the last night of M.U.D. Week when they all attend the Blue Party.  Throughout the week, students learn about CBC traditions and services and participate in a variety of competions to gain points for their team.  At the end of the week, teams compete in a campus-wide relay race ending in a giant mud slide!  The team with the most points is awarded "The Post" (a highly coveted fence post with horse shoes...I mean, "trophy") which is proudly displayed in the Mustang Grill for the entire year.  Upon completion of the M.U.D. Week program, Ponies are granted the status of "Mustangs!"  Students receive the M.U.D. Week schedule in the Summer Packet, which is mailed in mid July.

CBC 1201
Principles of Collegiate Success is a course designed to assist new students in their adjustment to college life, develop an understanding of the learning process and academic success skills, and foster a sense of personal and social responsibility.  The course is required of all first-time entering freshmen, transfer students who have earned less than 15 hours of college credit, or as required by the CBC Admissions Committee.

Director of Student Services
Rachel Waymire


 Mabee Student Center - Student Services


 (501) 205-8873

Please note that your attendance is not confirmed until your registration form has been received at Central Baptist College and you have received a confirmation email.