Business Office

The Business Office is responsible for accounting for and depositing all funds received by the College as well as the payment of all obligations of the College.
The Business Office provides a number of services for students as well as employees. Services provided to students include information on the cost of attendance at Central Baptist College, student accounts and billing, payment on student accounts, and student payroll. Services provided to employees include payroll and benefits administration.
Central Baptist College participates in the NelNet eCashier Tuition Payment Plan.  NelNet's convenient tuition payment plans alleviate the stress of managing education costs by distributing tuition payments over time.  For more information, click the NelNet eCashier icon or contact the Business Office today. 

You'll come to the Business Office to:

  • Pay tuition and fees 
  • Load money on One Card for on-campus purchases
  • Pick up refund check 
  • Pick up institutional labor or work study check 
  • Set up a NelNet payment plan 
  • Have class schedule printed 

Helpful Links:

Traditional Tuition and Fees
PACE & Online Tuition and Fees
Correspondence Tuition and Fees
Student Fees Information
Office Hours:  8:00 am-5:00 pm  Monday-Friday 


Donna Gray, Vice President for Finance
Watkins First Floor (501) 205-8805

Rhonda Shipp, Senior Accountant
Watkins First Floor (501) 205-8786

Sue Johnson, Financial Analyst
Watkins First Floor (501) 205-8920

Mechelle Cargile, Accounts Receivable Analyst - PACE
Watkins First Floor (501) 205-8792

Shirley Wallace, Accounts Receivable Analyst
Watkins First Floor (501) 205-8872

Charlotte Stewart, Accounts Payable Analyst
Watkins First Floor (501) 205-8910


Jerry Clifton, Director of Physical Plant
Physical Plant Building (501) 205-8789

Amanda Smart, Assistant Director of Physical Plant
Watkins First Floor (501) 205-8862

Tracy Cargile, Rental Property Manager
(501) 733-1807

Alexis Hall, Physical Plant & Accounts Payable Support
Watkins First Floor (501) 205-8916


Pam Teague, Director of Human Resources
Watkins Second Floor (501) 205-8923